Dog Walking And Visits

Northern Virginia is a busy place; and, if you are like everyone else then you work long hours… Have no fear! We provide GPS-tracked Dog Walks and Kitty visits. These visits can cost as little as $20 per visit! Our walkers are professional, punctual, and dependable. We do not have contracts and we are flexible with your schedule. We provide free meet and greets and you will receive the same walker everyday. Contact us today and let us know what your specific needs are so we can provide you with a quote.

Positive Re-enforcement Dog Training

Are you having trouble with your four legged friend? Have you tried many different methods to no avail? Consider meeting with Josh, our experienced dog trainer who will equip you with tons of knowledge that will help you reach the goals you have set for your dog. We work with all breeds and are willing to work with any dog with any issue. All training sessions include the owner and any other family or household members. There are two options for training.

Overnight Stay

We offer care in your home or in ours! To help your pets feel more comfortable while you are away we will happily stay in your home in order to care for them. All of our staff have completed a background check and our walk tracking technology will help keep you up to date on how your pooch is doing. We charge $100 per 24 hour period and offer lower rates for longer stays. There is an additional $25 per pet. If you want to rest assured that your pets will be cared for while you are traveling then contact us below!

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    Other services include

    Pet Taxi/ Transportation: $1 per mile traveled

    Pet Sitting (in your home) or boarding at a caretaker’s home: 24-hour period: $100

    $25 for holiday weekends & $50 per additional pet

    Behavioural Dog Training: $250 per hour for first lesson, $450 for two lessons, $600 for three lessons. Free consultation. We can help with any issues.

    15 Mins Walks


    • 1 $25 per week
    • 2 $50 per week
    • 3 $69 per week
    • 4 $80 per week
    • 5 $100 per week

    30 Mins Walk


    • 1 Walk $35 per week
    • 2 Walks $70 per week
    • 3 Walks $99 per week
    • 4 Walks $120 per week
    • 5 Walks $150 per week